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For many years I traveled from north to south in Portugal, trying to photograph different species and different places. I looked for new populations of certain species where knowledge about them was little or practically non-existent. I learned more about species and their relationship with ecosystems, and to collaborate with different biologists from different specialties to find the best solutions. We intend above all to increase and help biodiversity, being an important part of our work as human beings on this planet.

If you want to assess the impact of your project on biodiversity, or simply get to know the fauna richness that exists in your lands. We evaluate development projects for wildlife conservation and photography. Like creating spaces to photograph and photographic shelters. We develop content to increase your online presence.

The creation of pedestrian trails, with information about the species that can be observed, are an added value to increase the knowledge that exists in their natural space.

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Biodiversity is the theme of this century and will be a key point in most new projects. The idea is to establish or improve the connection that human beings have with the biodiversity around them, it is to seek to improve the biodiversity index and the number of species with which we enjoy natural spaces. The idea is to assess the current state of biodiversity on your land, assess the ability to increase and indicate the best measures to take to increase it in the coming years. Small changes can completely alter the use of space by wildlife.

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Environmental consulting is essential to increase knowledge about the species that occur in a given region or space. Useful for making decisions based on conservation and environmental enhancement. It is still possible to improve conditions for some species or allow visitors to photograph others. A biodiverse space is an attraction for new species and for their visitors.


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