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Diogo Oliveira is also a wedding and portrait photographer, which is why he created Diogo Oliveira Photography. Aimed at wedding photography and other photographic services, they contain several articles on weddings. You can use this platform to request photography services.

Corporate Companies

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The Sony Alpha Universe was built for the creators, the doers, for all the dreamers. You bring curiosity and ideas, we provide the knowledge, inspiration and cutting edge technology to help you make your dreams come true.


Online store of accessories and solutions for nature, wildlife and macro photography, camouflage.  Shelters and camouflages, car supports, protective and camouflage covers for photographic equipment, Feisol carbon tripods.

Wildlife Photographer

Portugal Wildlife Photographer

Photography Portfolio

Wildlife Portfolio

Landscape Photographer

Photography Workshop

Wildlife Photography Workshop

Landscape Photography Workshop

Nature Photographer





wildlife photographer

nature photographer

Landscape Photographer


nest boxes

Hedgehog Shelters

Bat Shelters

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Landscape Photography Workshops

Photo Tours

Biodiversity Workshops

Environmental Consulting

wildlife photographer

Photographer Wildlife Portugal


Diogo Oliveira Portfolio

onWILD Portfolio

Portfolio Photography


SóPraSi offers its customers  the opportunity to enjoy and 'live' unique and private moments during your stays in Portugal. It organizes stays and experiences with humility and passion, with respect for the people and nature of Portugal, through responsible tourism and a different perspective. We speak Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

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The Green Trekker  was born from the dream and the desire to share with you, the passion we have for Nature and all the experiences that it provides and offers us. Exploration and discovery are pillars of our essence and it is through them that we seek communion with Nature. Curiosity leads us in search of the unknown and in search of full, true and inspiring lives.

A Green Trekker  has as its main mission the sharing of unique and unforgettable experiences with its customers, providing activities in natural, healthy, remote and unique environments in our country. We try to give them the opportunity to venture through our mountains, valleys, rivers and forests, in natural, unknown environments full of history and mysticism.


Wild Einhoven is managed by a great friend, Nuno Curado. While he was in Portugal we did a lot of work together, and now he has created this new project to observe the wildlife that exists in the city of Eindhoven. If you ever visit the city, don't forget to talk to him and take a different tour to observe the city's wildlife.

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Come and discover Oeiras, enjoy nature in harmony with culture and find true moments of leisure. Surprise yourself with what Oeiras has to offer. And get ready, Oeiras is addictive.  Oeiras is a municipality with a vision. An attractive, rich and diverse territory, both in terms of strategies and business location decisions.


Davina Falcão is one of the best artists in Portugal when it comes to drawing wild animals and pets, her works are so realistic that we can see all the details, whether it's the thousands of mini feathers she draws or the thousands of scales. in a reptile. And in the end these drawings can be bought in practical and useful notebooks to take to the field.


It is a non-profit environmental non-governmental organization that promotes the study and conservation of birds and their habitats in Portugal. It develops projects throughout the national territory and also in partnership abroad (eg Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Malta and Greece).  Environmental awareness and the promotion of Birdwatching are also two of its priorities.


O  Labor  is a Qualified Entity (qualification code: 1757) by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation within the scope of the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN). This qualification allows the  Labor  make its services available  Research, Development and Innovation to the business fabric (SMEs) in the area of Environmental Sciences and Technologies.


It's the  most complete identifier on the market. Based on the QR code, it offers a large amount of information in a small space. Personal information, contacts in case of emergency, allergies, medicines, GPS coordinates, private diary, among others. It offers different products according to the need or taste of each user. Bracelets, necklaces, stickers, pins... Choose the identifier in the format you like best. You can have multiple products linked to the  your account.


It is, in Portugal, the largest and most qualified undergraduate and graduate school in Agricultural Sciences, and its  know-how  recognized nationally and internationally.  With over 100 years of experience, it adapts its teaching to the technological evolution and reality of the country, focusing on its quality and modernization.  Located in the heart of Lisbon, in Tapada da Ajuda - Botanical and Environmental Park with about 100 ha, of recognized interest - it is also an inviting place for holding events, recreational activities and for discovering captivating places such as the Amphitheater de Pedra, the Viewpoint, the Jardim da Parada, the Rugby Field, the Astronomical Observatory, the Exhibition Pavilion, the Lagoa Branca Auditorium, among others.


The University of Évora has a perspective on the region in which it is located, the Alentejo, choosing it as the preferential target of its effort to socialize knowledge, to the European community with which it shares identical human, cultural and scientific values, to the neighboring regions. with which it will primarily establish strategic partnerships, and to the Portuguese-speaking countries to which it will seek to extend its mission, not forgetting, at the same time,  that the preparation of students must always take into account the global “world” in which we live today.

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