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Photography Workshops

Discover the Magic of Wildlife Photography with Biologist Diogo Oliveira

In wildlife photography workshops in Portugal, we will explore Portuguese Biodiversity and discover the secrets hidden in Portugal's natural landscapes, from the majesty of birds to the diversity of insects. Each workshop is carefully designed to present the richness that we can photograph in different locations. You will learn more about photography techniques. We will share practical tips and specific photography techniques for capturing wildlife. From camera adjustments to composition.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshop dates and reserve your place for an experience that will improve your photography skills and nurture your passion for wildlife.

Join us on a unique photographic journey with biologist Diogo Oliveira, and discover the fascinating world that exists beyond your camera lens. Your wildlife photography adventure in Portugal starts here!

Our expert

Diogo Oliveira

CEO & Photographer

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In-person Wildlife Photography Workshops
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Introduction to Wildlife Photography

Vila do Conde

1st date - soon

Aves Aquaticas e Camaleao.jpg

Bird Photography
using hides

Vila do Conde

1st date - soon


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If you are unable to participate in physical workshops, sign up for the online courses I have prepared

Click below to see all the courses we have available

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Sagres e Quinta do Lago DOP08030.jpg

Our Expert Recommends

“Learning how to photograph wildlife using photo hides allows us to take behavioral photographs and better deal with blurred backgrounds.”

CEO & Photographer - Diogo Oliveira

Workshops given in partnership with other entities

In addition to the workshops planned by ONWILD, we also establish partnerships and collaborations with other entities to provide photography workshops in different locations. Keep an eye on our calendar:

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Workshop (soon)


To be announced

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