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The school of wildlife photography. Learn the technique, creativity, challenges of photographing in the field and the tricks of the wildlife photography business! Follow biologist Diogo Oliveira as he explains video about photography and the animals to be photographed.

Our expert

Diogo Oliveira

CEO & Photographer


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Click below to watch the MasterClass: "Steps to start photographing wildlife"

Online tutorials available

Some of the courses will become available throughout 2024. The idea is to create a network of tutorials that you can use to improve your wildlife photography. If there is a topic you would like to see here in a tutorial, please get in touch or comment on the blog posts. Thanks.

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Digital Photography
Basic Level

Learn the best settings for any type of photography, aperture, speed, ISO, types of focus, metering modes, among others.

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Wildlife Photography
Basic level

Photo sessions explained step by step, where we will explain the entire process. From the creative part, execution and editing.

Pre-registration online tutorials

I always wanted to create a network of online tutorials about wildlife photography, and I finally managed to start recording the first tutorials on the ground. But as you can imagine, recording everything in the field takes longer than usual. Therefore, the following tutorials will be released as the recordings and respective editing are completed. I hope you understand, and if you want to know more about any topic, get in touch at, thank you!

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Wildlife Photography
Advanced level

Photo sessions explained step by step, we will explore some of the most advanced techniques, the shelters built and the most difficult species.

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Photography with Hidrohide

Learn how to photograph using the hydrohide, a floating shelter, the best techniques, materials, tricks and tips, and also the creative process.

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Flash Photography

Light can be shaped in different ways, and photographing animals at night allows us to "play" with light to get the best results.

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Macro photography

Photographic sessions focused on macro photography, filmed on the ground, with explanations about the creative process, execution and editing.

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Photography of Birds in Flight

Improve your ability to photograph birds in flight, learn the best techniques, how to set up the camera, improve your creativity.

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Reptile and Amphibian Photography - Masterclass

Learn how to photograph amphibians and reptiles, the best techniques, how to be creative and how to use flash in inhospitable environments.

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Our Expert Recommends

"If you like to photograph in a more radical way, I suggest taking the masterclass on the hidrohide! It's one of the hides I like to use the most”

CEO & Photographer - Diogo Oliveira


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