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My name is Diogo Oliveira, I am a wildlife photographer and biologist residing in Portugal.

General information
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Diogo Oliveira is a biologist and photographer passionate about biodiversity and natural landscapes. Graduated in Biology from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia and Master in Conservation Biology from the University of Évora. He began collaborating with various institutions from an early age. Shortly after finishing his master's degree, he had his first photographic work for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in the project "A month...a bird" which gave rise to the "Guia de Aves do Jardim Gulbenkian" in collaboration with prof. Dr. Joao Eduardo Rabaca.

At the end of 2017, he released his first book, the "Guia de Fauna da Tapada da Ajuda". The guide was written and translated by Diogo, the photographs are all his own and finally he was in charge of designing the guide. This guide can be purchased at the Agrolivro bookshop at ISA, located in Tapada da Ajuda.

In 2020 he created onWILD, a company that provides various services and solutions in the field of biology and photography. Collaborates with other companies and entities, such as SPEA in the Festival de Observação de Aves in Sagres and in Pardela magazine, with theBiodiversity and +in the area of environmental consultancy, with GreenTrekker where it conducts photographic tours, with the Municipality of Oeiras in several conservation projects and provides environmental education workshops, with the Municipality of Torres Vedras where it has carried out several photography workshops, with SóPraSi on wildlife observation routes in Portugal, among others.

In 2020, it strengthened its collaboration with Sony, in a partnership where it carries out various activities and photography workshops with the support of Sony and loan of Sony equipment for participants.

Collaborates with Fotocamo, a company that sells accessories specialized in wildlife photography. He has already tested some material for the youtube channel, where he talks about wildlife and landscape photography.

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