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Customizable Tours in Portugal

We also create personalized photographic trips or observation tours, where you can choose which species you would like to photograph or observe, and we will prepare the entire route to be taken. We will accompany you to obtain the photograph you want, or to observe the species you have never been able to observe. Tell us what you want, and leave it in our hands (or camera).

Our expert

Diogo Oliveira

CEO & Photographer

Sagres e Quinta do Lago DOP08030.jpg
Customizable Photography Tours in Portugal
European pied flycatcher.jpg

Photography with

All year

Above Water AA (120).jpg

Photography using the

May to September

Anfibios de Sintra.jpg

Amphibian Photography

October to April

Colorful Alentejo (6).jpg

Photography with

All year

PT Tours V43.jpg

Reptile Photography

March to June

PT Tours V3.jpg

Insect Photography

April to October

Customizable Observation Tours in Portugal
Passeios Observacao V61.jpg


All year

Estremoz costelas salientes 220 DOP08018.jpg

Amphibian Observation

October to April

Above the Rocks AA (93).jpg

Reptile Observation

March to June

PT Tours V42.jpg
Sagres e Quinta do Lago DOP08030.jpg

Our Expert Recommends

“Photographing or observing this species is a real adrenaline rush, and is done in complete safety so we can appreciate the beauty of the species.”

CEO & Photographer - Diogo Oliveira

Selection of some of the Tours already carried out

Over the years we have carried out several personalized tours, here are some of those carried out:

  • Birdwatching in the Ria Formosa – Birdwatching in one of the most interesting regions of the Algarve.

  • Photography of Waterbirds in Estremoz – Photograph the different species that seek refuge and feeding grounds in the Alentejo region.

  • Birdwatching in the Tagus Estuary – Walk this estuary near Lisbon looking for the birds that occur there.

  • Photography of Bee-eaters in Alentejo – We sought to photograph one of the most colorful birds in Portugal.

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