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Biodiversity is central to a healthy ecosystem, and our knowledge of it provides us with the necessary tools to conserve it. 

A nature guide allows for a greater connection between scientific knowledge and the general population. It is a bridge between science and the population, increasing environmental literacy and concern for the environment.

Conservation has never been as important as the period we are going through. A field guide prepared with the most emblematic species of a certain region allows to increase knowledge about them and put an end to some myths, helping to protect them and increasing environmental education actions.

Description of Guides

The field guide will be created depending on the location and the chosen groups. A survey of the most common species will be carried out using various citizen science platforms (eBird, biodiversity4all, iNaturalist, among others).

  • Choice of species

  • Creating a list of hotspots

  • different groups

  • Introduction and chapters

  • Indexes and glossary

  • Species photographs

  • extra: translation

Unit Cost: to be determined

Duration: about 2 years

Number of Species: up to 200 species

Number of Pages: about 300

Texts: files, introduction, chapters,
glossary, indexes, how to use

Printing: Not included


A field guide has the main objective of increasing knowledge about the species that inhabit a given region, providing information about the biology, diet, morphology, distribution, habitat and biometrics of the species, and even having the most common names for each one. Field guides are useful tools in conservation and building a solid foundation on species. 

  • Increase knowledge about species

  • Provide information on diet and habitat

  • Create a foundation for conservation

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Additional Information

Within the scope of nature conservation, it is possible to adapt the elaboration of a field guide to be used as a tool for environmental education. Field guides are built based on the most common species in the region, to be accessible to the entire population.

  • Useful to increase knowledge about the species of our fauna

  • Tool for environmental education 

  • They allow reaching the entire population with relevant information about the species

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Information should be sent to, with details about the guide you need, however, I recommend booking a meeting in person or online, depending on availability. The preparation of the field guides indicated on the previous pages is subject to the conditions set out in the following paragraphs:

  • The survey of species will be carried out over a period of one year;

  • A field guide will be prepared, including the texts of the species sheets, chapters, glossary, introduction, how to use this guide, among other texts to be defined by the contracting entity;

  • The guide will have at least one photograph per species, and also photographs to illustrate the chapters, introduction, and other free spaces where the insertion of a photograph is appropriate;

  • The completion date of the guide in Portuguese is 2 years, including the survey year;

  • The printing of the guide is the responsibility of the contracting entity;

  • Any other question should be sent to the e-mail addresses available in the document.

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Biodiversity Guides

por Diogo Oliveira


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