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Wildlife in South America

The Atlantic Forest is considered a biodiversity hotspot but it is also one of the most threatened biomes on the planet. Visiting this forest means entering a world of intense colors and smells, with different species occupying different parts of the forest. Rain is almost constant, but little water reaches the ground. We will look for some species endemic to the region, but also the fabulous sloths that look for food in the tops of the trees. At night we will discover a world of sounds and jumps, with different species of amphibians but also some of the most dangerous species that prefer to go out at night to hunt. Mata is one of the most fantastic places to explore and discover, come on this adventure with us.

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Diogo Oliveira

CEO & Photographer

Tours in South America
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Sloths and Birds of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

--€ / person

1st date - soon

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Biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

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1st date - soon

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Macro Photography in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

--€ / person

1st date - soon

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"Macro photography is very special to me, and in South America we can find specimens with magnificent colors, with intricate patterns and with behaviors that are easily photographed.”

CEO & Photographer - Diogo Oliveira

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