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Wildlife in Europe

Portugal is located at the western tip of Europe, but we have tours for the rest of Europe. These photo expeditions across Europe focus on the different habitats we can find in the region, such as extensive boreal forests, steppes, snow-covered regions and swamps. In addition to these, we offer tours aimed at the most charismatic and endangered species, such as polar bears, European bison, brown bears, puffins, wood grouses, vipers and midwife toads. Our tours in Portugal are the most popular and impressive, other destinations coincide with the great migrations that occur every year in Europe.

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Diogo Oliveira

CEO & Photographer

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Tours in Europe
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Waterbirds in Faro, Portugal

--€ / person

1st date - soon

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Migratory birds from Africa, Portugal

--€ / person

1st date - soon

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Our Expert Recommends

"The Iberian lynx is one of the most emblematic species of the Iberian Peninsula, and having the opportunity to look for it in the field and get a photograph of this majestic animal.”

CEO & Photographer - Diogo Oliveira

Sagres e Quinta do Lago DOP08030.jpg
Tours in Europe

We offer a selection of multi-day wildlife tours across Europe, from dramatic and awe-inspiring mountain landscapes to rocky coastlines. Each tour offers the opportunity to glimpse and photograph birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects in different habitats and situations. Our selection of destinations will take photographers to some of the most unexplored places and enjoy the wildlife that exists in Europe. Here are some of our tours that you can choose from:

  • Spring in Castro Verde – Look for Rollers and other birds.

  • Migratory birds from Africa – Search for colorful birds that arrive in Portugal during spring.

  • Birds and Heat in Amareleja – use the hydrohide to photograph birds during hot days.

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