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Framed prints - Wildlife Photography by Diogo Oliveira

Every year I take thousands of photographs, some end up on social media, others just on the website or in the image bank. The worst only my eyes see, and they end up eliminated. In the end, there is always the feeling that something is missing. Something that brings photographs to life, and that something was the print of some of my favorites. This year I decided to do just that, and put several photographs up for sale. Some in limited edition and others that will always be on sale. The funny part is that I didn't have time to do the proper advertising, and the prints ended up forgotten on the website. As a biologist I like to spend a lot of time in the field, and this takes me away from computer tasks, which are also important. By purchasing a photo you are helping me continue photographing wildlife.


Choosing Photos

Each image I choose for wildlife prints is a carefully curated visual story. From the majesty of a sloth in its natural habitat to the delicacy of a bird that nests on a rocky cliff surrounded by small flowers, each photograph seeks to tell a unique story of the incredible biodiversity that we can find around us.


Print Type

Print quality is crucial to capturing the essence and colors of each image. I opted for high-resolution printing techniques and vibrant colors to ensure that every detail is preserved, ensuring that the images convey the same emotion and authenticity as when they were captured.



The choice of frame is an extension of the commitment to quality. I opted for frames that complement, but do not compete with, the images. From natural woods to more modern styles, each frame is selected to enhance the beauty of the image without unnecessary distractions.


The result is more than a framed print; It is a piece of art that brings nature into your spaces. Images come to life with vibrant colors and sharp details, while the frame adds a touch of elegance that elevates the viewing experience.


How to purchase

Purchasing a wildlife print is simple. Just go to the onwild website, dedicated to wildlife conservation and wildlife photography, and explore the store. Here you will find various products related to my wildlife photography work, from books, calendars, and of course prints. When you buy, you not only take home a visual treasure, but you also help me continue to promote wildlife from around the world, trying to build a bridge between its conservation and the public. Part of the profit from the sale of the prints is intended for projects that aim to protect endangered habitats and species, create content on the blog and new videos for the onwild YouTube channel.


Transform your space into a sanctuary of natural beauty with framed wildlife prints.


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