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2024 Calendar - Wildlife Photography by Diogo Oliveira

For the first time I made a calendar for 2024! I know I'm already late with advertising, that most of you have already done your Christmas shopping and that adding one more is complicated. The last few months have been a lot of work, between preparing the calendar and finishing one of the most important jobs of my life (so far). It's not fair to ask you to purchase the calendar, I know, but it's a way of helping me and allowing me to continue taking photos and showing you the most diverse animals!


The Calendar

Imagine a year full of extraordinary discoveries in the company of magnificent animals. This wildlife photography calendar is more than just counting down the days; is a visual experience that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the animals we can observe. Each month reveals a new chapter, a new landscape, and a fascinating new animal, transporting the reader to the wildest corners of our planet. The calendar has 12 photographs of animals, with the respective caption which includes the identification of the species and some camera settings; My desire was to have a large calendar, and therefore, I chose a size larger than A4, in this case, the calendar is 30 by 40 cm, perfect for hanging on the wall and being seen from any corner.


Choosing Photographs

It was not easy! Each image has been carefully selected to capture not only the aesthetics, but also show a glimpse of the places I had the opportunity to visit during 2023. From the majestic sloths of the Atlantic Forest to the colorful birds of the UK's coastal cliffs, each photograph is a window to the incredible biodiversity that shares our planet. The final selection serves to inspire an appreciation for biodiversity and the importance of its conservation.


The result

The calendar is more than a compilation of pages; is an artistic expression of the harmony between nature and photography. The images leap off the pages, immortalizing fleeting moments and reminding us of the need to preserve these natural wonders for future generations. Each page is a visual masterpiece, transforming your space into a sanctuary of contemplation and connection with wildlife. The size of the calendar has an added impact, transporting the reader to the moment the photo was taken. For each month, Portuguese holidays were added, but also some commemorative dates related to the environment. Which can be celebrated or used as a warning sign for the problems the planet is currently facing.


How to buy

Purchasing our calendar is simple. Just go to the onwild website, dedicated to wildlife conservation and wildlife photography, and explore the store. Here you will find several products related to my wildlife photography work, from books, prints, and of course the 2024 calendar. When you buy, you not only take home a visual treasure, but you also help me continue to spread the word wildlife from around the world, trying to establish a bridge between its conservation and the public, part of the profit from the sale of the calendar goes towards projects that aim to protect habitats and endangered species, create content on the blog and new videos for the wildlife channel onwild Youtube.


Get ready to embark on a unique visual journey with our Wildlife Photography Calendar. Let each month be a celebration of the wild nature that surrounds us, reminding us of our shared responsibility to preserve this incredible planet we call home.



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