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Eating in peace

Eating in peace

Estremoz, Portugal, 2019


Esta deve ser dos momentos que mais conto! Foi uma sensação brutal, estar dentro de água com uma lontra. Que inicialmente me pareceu um mergulhão-pequeno a transportar ramos para o ninho, e só quando chegou à margem é que me apercebi que era uma lontra. Tudo mudou naquele instante, passei a ter em consideração a direção do vento e como iria tentar aproximar mais um dela.


This must be one of the moments I count the most! It was a brutal feeling, being in the water with an otter. Which at first looked like a loon carrying branches to its nest, and it wasn't until it reached the shore that I realized it was an otter. Everything changed at that moment, I started to consider the direction of the wind and how I would try to get one more close to her.

  • Limited and signed edition restricted to 7 copies by size

    Fine Art Print 60x80cm (60x80cm sheet with 50x70cm print)

    Fine Art Print 70x100cm (70x100cm sheet with 60x90cm print)

PriceFrom €110.00
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